Patient Rights

Patient rights 

Patients at AL SHIFA Hospital in NAJRAN obtain the right to receive medical care that preserves their dignity and respect their cultural, social and spiritual values. The medical institution at Al SHIFA Specialized Hospital in NAJRAN seeks to understand and respect these values by meeting the needs of patients whenever this is within the institution’s energy, philosophy, and laws governing its work… on this basis Every patient has the following rights:

Caring needed with respect.

·         Get a complete and up –dated information from the attending physician regarding diagnosis and treatment, and explain the patient's condition to the relative if the patient's condition does not allow him to be given such information.

·         Know the name of the physician responsible for his treatment and follow up his condition.

·         The doctor must provide the patient with the necessary information to show his approval before beginning any diagnostic or therapeutic procedure, the patient also has the right to know the person responsible for this procedure.

·         To give the necessary information related to medical alternatives to the proposed treatment, in the event of such options and alternatives

·         The patient has the right to refuse treatment as prescribed, within the limits permitted by law, after informing him of the consequences of this refusal.

·         Full privacy with regards to the treatment program and discussing it with him in complete secrecy and maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality for diagnosis, analysis, treatment and medical records.

·         To inform the patient of the presence of trainees on the medical team.

·         Review and solve patient problems and complaints related to the quality of medical care provided.

·         To be treated for any medical emergency that may lead to a deterioration of his health as a result of not receiving treatment.

·         The hospital must treat the patient without any distinction between race, color, or gender

·         In the case of the patient is transferred to another hospital, he is entitled to an explanation from the physician about the reasons and importance of transferring him to this hospital.

·         It Is the patient rights to choose the appropriate meal and drink in list of menu provided by the hospital and nutrition department must be notified if he has a health problem that required a specific type of food   

·         The patient has the right to wear any special clothing if his desire does not contradict the hospital regulation and the general form


 Patient responsibility 

Patient And His Family Expect To Be Accountable To The Hospital So That The Health Care Providers can Provide The Desired services To Get Your Satisfaction:

·         Providing Doctors, Nurses And Other Health Care Providers In Hospital In Sufficient And Accurate Information On The Nature Of The Complaint And The Date Of Treatment ,Current And Previous Medication.

·         • Cooperating with all hospital staff and asking for Explanation In Case Of Unclear Procedure or Instruction.

·         Take medications according to the program Of the Physician.

·         Respect Rights and Feeling of Other Patient and Visitor.

·         Follow the rules and regulations OF THE hospital in the Case of Refusing Nay of the Procedure Diagnostic, therapeutic, surgical procedures or refused or stay in the hospital.

·         Obligation to pay the costs of treatment and services provided during the hospital stay or to obtain the consent of the contracting authority concerned with the hospital for.

·         No smoking inside the hospital.

·         Take preventive precautions while in the hospital